Sister Sister: Tia Mowry Gives Advice on Staying Close With Your Sister


tia tameraBy: Krystle Crossman

Tia and Tamara Mowry are not only twin sisters, but they are friends. Some members of their blog have asked how they stay so close and look for advice on how to build relationships with their own sisters when they enter into new relationships. Some feel that they may be losing their sisters as they enter a new phase in their life, so Tia gave some great advice.

1. Make the relationship with your sister a priority. Make time to spend with just her, and try to get her to do the same. This will stress the importance of the relationship. Schedule dates to speak on the phone if you can’t get out of the house, or make a coffee date. Even if it is only for an hour, it is still time to catch up and build the relationship.

2. Communication is the key to a great relationship with anyone. This is true for your sister and yourself as well. Keep in touch no matter how busy you are. Even emails or texts through the day let your sister know that you are thinking of her and want to let her know about your day. Don’t wait for something big to talk about, just send her a photo of a cute dog you saw or something in a store you think she would like.

3. Respect your differences and realize that you cannot be the same person. If you get in a fight, take her point of view into consideration and really listen to what she has to say. Some sisters, even Tia and Tamara, will go to family therapy sessions when really big arguments come about. If you didn’t have different opinions then your relationship would be boring!

4. Forgive her. Life is too short for you to hold grudges, especially against an important family member. Always clear disagreements up before the day is over.


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