Six Easy Tricks For More Intimate $ex


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There is a big difference between s*x and intimacy but often the two terms are confused with each other. Intimacy is about a closeness and a connection that you get with your partner. S*x is less emotional and more about a primal need. Here are six ways that you can have more intimate s*x with your partner.

1. Forget about the big O: Many people feel that the entire goal of having s*x is to reach an [email protected] and unfortunately that goal gets in the way of being truly intimate. Before you begin, agree that neither one of you will [email protected] Bring each other close but then back off. It will take a lot of willpower but in the end you will be more connected to your partner.

2. Eye Contact: Looking into each other’s eyes is a great way for you to be closer to one another. Look deep into your partner’s eye while you are in the act and don’t lose focus.

3. No talking: Before you even start to get physical with each other spend time in a room together without talking. Just hold each other, give a massage, whatever you feel will bring you closer to one another.

4. Take it off: Don’t undress yourself; let your partner undress you. This is much more intimate and makes it feel like you are giving yourself over to your partner. Look into each other’s eyes as you are doing it for a stronger connection.

5. Just breathe: Take a few moments to just breathe. Synchronize your breaths so that they are in tune with one another. Try to keep this rhythm going throughout.

6. Take it slow: There is no need to rush through s*x. Moving slowly is one of the best ways to have the most intimate engagement ever.


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