Sneaky Habits That Ruin Relationships That Could Have Been Great


By: Krystle Crossman

You think that you are in the happiest of relationships and everything is going along smoothly. Then all of a sudden it ends. You can’t figure out what went wrong or why you fell apart. Here are five things that people in relationships do that will end a relationship no matter how great it seems to be:

1. Criticism can be a very helpful tool when it is used in the right context and when it is asked for. However if it is something that is used every day to bring someone down or continuously point out their flaws and weaknesses, over time it can break the relationship down. Hearing criticism often from the person you love can set off some warning alarms and make you fear that you are about to be rejected.

2. When a traumatic experience in life happens, you call on your significant other for support. But what if they do not come through? What if they cast you aside or say that you are being silly? This can end a relationship pretty quickly.

3. Emotional starvation is when your partner fails to give you affection and support. You begin to feel unloved and unwanted. Over time your partner is viewed as an enemy and the relationship slowly erodes.

4. There is negativity in every relationship, but when it becomes an everyday part of your life, it will end the relationship. If you or your partner is always looking for a negative hidden meaning behind what the other says or does or is always suspecting the other of wrongdoing there is no trust in the relationship anymore.

5. When in an argument or discussion if you shut your partner out they will feel rejected and hurt. Saying something is better than saying nothing at all, even if it is something that may hurt them.



  1. Marcus Andrae Hervey on

    So what if one’s partner breaks up because he/she analyzed their feelings which results in a wasted moments that could’ve been with someone else?

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  4. Hellen D. Strahan on

    One trend you forgot about that breaks up marriages is the churches (“Restroation”)that hide their members are current, or recovering drug addicts; so they go on infecting and getting into relationships that turn into smut because of dishonesty.

  5. Perhaps the biggest sneaky habit I see in my counseling practice is failure to accept your mate as they are. Although men are guilty, mainly it’s women who want change their man, no matter how many times I remind them the only person you can change is yourself.

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