Some Men “Get it”: One Man Talks About The Importance of “Four-Play”


200274028-001By Staff Blogger

It is no big secret that men love $ex. Most men like to get right down to it and forget the f0replay. King Marquise of reminds men that what they should realize is that f0replay begins from the moment they wake up in the morning. Women are impressed by men who act like gentlemen, help around the house, and take charge. They are not impressed by someone who wakes up, watches television, and lets her do all the heavy lifting.

Studies have shown that men think about s*x at least once a day, if not more. This could be because they want to do it, are bombarded with imagery in the media, or because they hear someone talking about it. They think about their partner and what they would like to do to them that night, or go daydreaming while watching their partner in the house. If they want to do what they have been dreaming about all day, they need to start with some chivalry.

Here is some good advice, inspired by King Marquise, for men who are looking to impress their partner: The end goal isn’t necessarily $ex, but that is a bonus. Start her day off right with a cup of tea and breakfast in bed. Get her shower running or iron her clothes and lay them out for her. When she is done in the shower, have the kids ready for school. She will be impressed that you have accomplished all of this and it will show her that you appreciate what she does around the house as well. Surprise her with some flowers at her office for an extra touch.

When that time of night finally comes and she is in her $exiest lingerie, take your time instead of charging ahead. Let her have some fun first before you get right down to it. Tease her, please her, and leave her wanting more. When she is all hot and bothered, it will be your turn for some fun.



  1. When the caption makes up a word “Four-Play,” I want to be devilish and ask about “one-play, “two-play” and “three-play.” How ridiculous to not know how to spell that word. At least, someone in the article spelled it correctly.

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