Soul Food: How It is Killing Black People More Than Other Races


fried chickenThere is nothing quite like a giant plate of fried chicken that has been fried in bacon grease, mashed potatoes, and some collard greens. It is comfort food at its finest. Unfortunately, it is also a health risk on a plate.

There is a new study that shows traditional Southern foods such as fried chicken, bacon, and fried fish are linked to a higher risk of having a stroke. Not only do the fried foods have a high fat content, which is a risk for your arteries, but they have a high salt content as well. Lots of salt in the diet leads to high blood pressure, which increases your risk of stroke or heart attack.

These findings were presented at the International Stroke Conference. 20,000 Black and White men were studied from 48 different states. They were asked about their food habits, exercise habits, and daily life style. Then they went through a medical assessment where they were asked about overall health and stroke frequencies.

The study found many things. It showed that there was a 41 percent higher chance of having a stroke in those who consumed Southern food six times a week than their counterparts who only ate it around once a month. It also showed that those who ate other Southern style foods that were mostly fruit, legumes, and veggies had a 29 percent lower risk of having a stroke.

The study found that African-Americans were five times more likely to consume the bad Southern foods than White men. This means that their risk for a stroke was much higher. Other studies have shown that Southerners have a 20 percent high chance of having a stroke than those in the North, due in large part to the regional diets.

It is always best to eat healthy foods such as fruits, veggies, and other raw foods. Healthcare professionals are being urged to educate their patients on proper diet so the risk of stroke can be reduced greatly.



  1. Black’s today don’t eat soul food everyday, just on special occasion. It’s the Fried Chinese and Greek Fast Food that we’re eating everyday along with that sugary Pop n juice that’s clogging-up our arteries and giving us diabetes.

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  3. It’s not the food thats bad its the quantity consumed. I was raised eating southern foods and a large amt. vegetables. Moderation Moderation.

  4. actually back then its was more expensive to cook soul food than to eat healthy. blk ppl would grow there own veggies and fruit and wheat. also in the hood there is a fried chicken chinese owned carry out on each corner. they only sell greasy dattening food. we flock to it all the time. the chinese food is full of grease, sugar, etc and we constantly buy it.

  5. Grew up on great soul food and cook it myself now. But let me ask a question: who is eating soul food every day?

  6. The food has always been like this….Sad thing is that we have eaten this food for generations, but since we no longer work as hard or are as active as our parents and grandparents, it affects us more

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