South African Born Nana Meriwether Is Miss USA


nanaLast month Miss USA won the coveted crown of Miss Universe. As is tradition in pageants, if the winner is not able to finish her year as title holder, the first runner up assumes the title and the crown. Nana Meriwether was the first runner up to Miss USA and she must have been overjoyed when Miss USA won Miss Universe because that then automatically made her the new Miss USA.

The South African born beauty was raised in Maryland and competed in the Miss USA pageant as Miss Maryland. She was born in South Africa while her American parents were doing volunteer work.

Meriwether, a 27-year-old South African beauty, was crowned Miss USA 2012 yesterday during a ceremony held at Trump Tower in New York City.  Nana, who represented the state of Maryland in the 2012 Miss USA pageant, was originally first runner-up in the competition but assumed the title thanks to Olivia Culpo’s big win at the Miss Universe 2012 pageant. Congrats to Nana, Miss USA 2012!

Prior to Meriwether, there have only been six African American Miss USA winners in the pageant’s 63 ear old history.

Crystle Stewart (2008)
Rachel Smith (2007)
Shauntay Hinton (2002)
Chelsi Smith (1995)
Kenya Moore (1993)
Carole Gist (1990)

Miss USA 1993 is currently one of the cast members of popular reality show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, although, curiously, she doesn’t appear to have a husband.



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