Spa Uses Pythons To Massage Their Customers and Boost Their Metabolisms


By: Krystle Crossman

The spas in Indonesia have adapted a new massage method that is striking fear in the hearts of all those who opt to have it done, but with good reason. In Bali you can go into a massage parlor and you can have a massage given to you not by a masseur, but by a gigantic ball python. That’s right…I said python. Big snakes.

The patient is instructed to lie on their stomachs on the table. The python is then placed on their back and is allowed to slither to its heart’s content. The weight of the snake and the slithering motion can trigger adrenaline in the body due to fear. This fear is unfounded as there are two snake handlers there to watch it and make sure that it doesn’t squeeze the life out of you. The snakes are also given a feeding half an hour before the massage.

While your heart is pounding as the snake is slithering up your back you are increasing your metabolism. When your metabolism increases you can burn more fat and calories during the day and have more energy as well. The research is not complete as of yet and there are no distinct benefits that come from being massaged by a python. The effects of a normal massage are well-known and numerous so the intensity of the python massage just adds to all of those benefits.

When you become scared of something your body kicks into the fight or flight response. Your respirations come quicker, your blood pumps harder, and the adrenaline starts flowing. All of these things can be great for your body in the short term and long run.


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