Spiritually Empowered Women: Why We Need More Of Them


blackwomentogetherBy Staff Blogger

Have you ever been spiritually connected with yourself? If so, hasn’t it made you feel better? Women are a dominant force in today’s world, but it is said that spiritually “tapped-in” women are ahead of the pack because they are connected with life.

 Women who have spiritually connected with themselves do not do jobs just for the money. They enjoy what they do. They know their value and they use all of their assets to the fullest for the good of everyone.

Here are five ways that you can become spiritually connected:

1. Thinking less and feeling more: When you think less about what is going on around you and feel more, you are opening yourself up to emotions that may have remained hidden. Using meditation or yoga will help you to move your awareness from your head to your heart.

2. Live with awareness and commit to it: Live your life full of prayer and love. Commit to this every day. Make daily rituals that will help you stay on track. Get to know your own beliefs and how they differ from everyone else’s. Do not give up on those beliefs.

3. Start where you are at in the moment: Don’t think about high paying jobs and six figure incomes. You won’t be happy if you are working at a job that you hate, no matter how much money you are getting for it.

4.Take risks, be bolder in life and in your choices: You will never know true reward until you take a few risks. Get out of your comfort zone and don’t wait for others to take notice of what you are doing. Do it for you. Be different.

5. Create a community: Surround yourself with people who are like you. Attending community events or classes such as yoga can help you to find women who are empowered just like you. Grow and learn with each other to achieve full spiritual connections.


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