Splurge On Your Mental and Physical Well-being On a Budget


spa1What if you could enjoy good quality wine on the budget of cheap beers? Or Maybe you prefer to live like a Greek Goddess , eating a delicious Mediterranean Diet with plenty of  fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, oil and fish. Some people love to relax with a nice soothing massage. What if you could get a regular spa treatment without breaking the bank?

Popular heart surgeon and television personality Dr. Oz has put together a list of ways that one can splurge without breaking the bank.

They are as follows:

Drink Robust, Antioxidant-Rich Wine on a Beer Budget
One glass of red wine a day can cost you hundreds of dollars a year, but you can splurge on great wine and still save money. The secret to indulging is to find high-quality boxed wine. This European trend is making its way stateside. Upscale vineyards are now producing high-quality boxed wines from the best wine regions of California, France and Italy. This wine is sold at a lower price; a glass from a box costs only around $1.50, half the price of a glass from a bottle. For an added savings, a box of wine contains around 4 bottles. Wine experts recommend purchasing reds in boxes, because of their robust flavor. France has been boxing wines for decades, so look for varieties from the French countryside, such as Côtes du Rhône or Bordeaux.

Indulge in Spa Treatments at a Discount
Many people consider massages to be overly indulgent, but you can find a deal that fits your budget. Most massage schools require students to give hundreds of hours of massages before being certified, so many schools offer clinics for students to get practical experience. There, you can get a massage at a discount. On average, a 60-minute massage with a student costs just $20. For people who regularly get massages, this can save you about $500 a year. Make sure the student is supervised during the massage. If you have a certain type of back pain or style of massage you like best, call in advance and get recommendations.

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