Squashers: Obese Women Who “Pleasure” Men in a Very Unconventional Way


squausherBy: Krystle Crossman

Dr. Oz is known for his controversial and sometimes very odd topics. When it comes to health and fitness, he knows a lot. Recently he had a show that covered the topic of squashers. Not many people knew that this even existed until he brought it to light.

A squasher is someone who will gain a lot of weight and put their health at risk to make money. How do they make money from gaining weight though? There are people out there that get s*xual satisfaction from having these squashers sit on their backs while they lie down on the bed. They enjoy the crushing feeling of someone sitting on top of them who is very heavy and it gives them s*xual gratification. Dr. Oz says this is dangerous however because their internal organs could be suffering. He said that they are most likely turned on due to the fact that the oxygen is being cut off from their brain, which is a trigger for some people.

Dr. Oz himself had never even heard about this until Dr. Drew Pinsky brought it to his attention. They then brought two women onto Dr. Oz’s show and held an intervention of sorts for the two women. One of them revealed that she had been molested by her father at a young age and she put on weight to protect herself because her father didn’t like heavy girls. Dr. Oz and Dr. Drew tried to show them how much they were damaging their health and their bodies by continuing to gain weight. They were supposed to have a third person on the show to help, but they died before the show was filmed.


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