Stacey Dash Blamed Women For Wage Gap As She Collected Checks From Fiancé


By Victor Trammell

Former actress Stacey Dash (pictured) continues to make headlines about her controversial statements to various media outlets.

One of Dash’s most outrageous media gaffes occurred last year when she appeared on the Meredith Vieira Show bad-mouthing members of her own gender over the legitimate wage gap issue.

Dash said that women need to “stop complaining” and “work harder” when sharing her opinion about wage inequality between men and women. However, the 49-year-old Fox News talking head has a past, which drastically contradicts her stance on the financial independence of women.

According to The Daily Mail, Dash was dealing with a great deal of financial trouble around 11 years before she appeared the Meredith Vieira Show shaming women for not being financially independent enough.

The Daily Mail was able to dig up some of Dash’s bankruptcy court documents from 2004. The UK-based publication recently put out an article, which elaborated Dash’s financial situation at the time.

The Clueless co-star was apparently in a great deal of debt during her bankruptcy ordeal and was struggling to find a stable source of income. The documents showed that Dash’s only source of income was a $6,000 monthly alimony payment from a British ex-husband of hers named James Maby.

Dash filed a Chapter 7 form of bankruptcy in May of 2004. She reported having only $28,582 in assets. However, she reportedly owed almost $160,000 to a long list of creditors, including the IRS.

For a woman who prides herself on having a backbone, Stacey Dash apparently had no spine of her own to rely on during her whole bankruptcy ordeal. Today, she seems more interested in making a spectacle of herself for highly questionable opinions instead of a legitimate career in film.

Wage inequality between men and women is a legitimate social dysfunction in American society. Black women, in particular, are representing a growing number of college graduates every year. However, they are not fairly included in the job market for qualified candidates in professional career fields that require a degree.

It’s disheartening to know that conservative ideologues who control the mainstream media have propped up a woman like Dash for the purpose of spewing “blame the victim” venom that attempts to undermine the advocacy of equal pay for women on the wage inequality issue.




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