Star Running Back in Women’s Football Was Once Deeply Affected By Eating Disorder


By Victor Trammell

A British-born black woman who is best known across the world as an American-style football player has a success story that is centered on healing, survival, and triumph.

Melissa Leng-Adams (pictured) is a running back for the Great Britain Lions women’s football team in a multi-continental league called the International Federation of American Football (IFAF). This past spring, Leng-Adams, 25, helped her team dominate their competition on the path toward qualifying for a world championship.

Though the Great Britain Lions lost the chance to win it all in their previous season, better days are still yet to come for the competitive franchise. Leng-Adams has only been playing in the IFAF for a few years. However, her ascension to stardom in the world of professional athletics was not expected to happen, according to Leng-Adams.

The stout speed rusher recently did an exclusive interview with Madame Noire Magazine in which she discussed her teen year trials, unlikely professional football career, and successful experiences as a community advocate. Leng-Adams is the founder of  Ad Virtus UK.

Ad Virtus UK is a fitness community centered on proving support for people who seek to live a healthier lifestyle. During her teen years, Leng-Adams struggled with body image issues and a dangerous eating disorder. She gave the following response about this experience to Madame Noire, which partially reads as follows:

“As a teen, I fell into that ridiculous trap of obsessing over weight loss and didn’t ever consider my health…By 13, I was already quite curvy with bigger thighs unlike my peers and instead of embracing being unique, I just wanted to be slim and conform…We’ve been conditioned to want to fit in with everyone else in fear of standing out, but it’s a really weird way of thinking…Unfortunately, as a teen, I hadn’t got to this way of thinking yet and I was bulimic for a year. Being a black female, it was something I was incredibly ashamed to ever speak to anyone about.” (

Leng-Adams’ well-built legs have earned her the nickname Her Royal Thighness. She started a website with the same name to help women embrace their physiques instead of trying to conform to unrealistic body image standards. You can read more of Leng-Adams amazing interview by visiting the link to the research source give for this article below.




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