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business woman1By Staff Blogger

Not everyone starts a business because that is what they have always dreamed of. Sometimes it’s because they lost their jobs and can’t find another one. For a lot of women, they have a child (or children) and then realize that it’s almost impossible to go to work everyday and give their children enough time and attention as they start pre-school, kindergarten etc. For another group of women, it could be that they realize that a job feels like a loss of freedom and they would rather gain back their freedom by becoming their own boss.

What ever the reason for deciding to “fly solo,” most people would agree that we generally believe that it will take a long time to get up and running at the new venture.

If you really want to start your own business and you have the motivation to do it, you can be up and running from the moment you decide to take action.

 Shift Your Mindset

You’re now a business owner. Own that and keep saying it until you believe it. You have gifts and talents that you can use to earn an income for yourself. In the beginning, you may not earn much,but if you stick to it and learn along the way, you can grow your income and put the days of job hunting behind you.


Sit down and write down all the things that you either love doing or do very well. Make your list long and makes sure that you don’t leave anything out. On that list, you can then identify at least three things that you can do to serve others or fulfill their needs (legally, ethically and morally) or solve their problems. Think about it: Even a 13 year old is a problem solver if the couple next door wants to go out for a date but they have no one to look after their kids while they are gone. If she babysits for them, suddenly she is a business owner, if she has the right mindset.

Tell Everybody

With the advancement of social media and technology in general, it is easy to spread the word about what you’re offering. Tell everyone about your services and tell them consistently and constantly. The key is to do it right away-today!



  1. More articles like this please!! I would rather read articles like this, than read the latest gossip on some celebrity.

  2. I also use the power of Words. When I was raising my two boys alone ( I am a male) my friends would ask if I am working? I would always say “I am working on me daily, being a father is work! Now if they want to know if I have an “employment situation” (I use this term not Job) I might say, “that process is still active and incomplete.” Employment situation gives me a sense that I have power to move about in the next “job.” It may be just a stepping stone, but it’s still apart of the process. Change your words, and change your life. Call things that have not happened, as though they have. That’s real faith! Get happy about getting up in the morning, don’t wait for the interview. If no on will hire you… hire yourself!

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