Statistics About Cheating Spouses Are In and the Numbers Will Shock You


By: Serena Crawford

Numbers don’t lie but it appears that more women than men do. The popular website, which is a dating website that caters to married people, has shown that over the last few years the number of women signing up for memberships has increased dramatically. Since 2010 the number of married women signing up for the site has gone up by 507%. These increases have all come on the day after Mother’s Day. GQ sat down and spoke with the CEO of Ashley Madison, Noel Biderman, and asked why he thought this sudden increase was happening.

Biderman states that marriage is the death of your s*x life. He says that he does not know a single married person who has said that after being in a marriage for a few years they are having the best time in bed and are there constantly. That would be a lie. When you settle down with someone and start a family there are other things that take over the time that a couple would normally have together. When a woman has a baby there is a long period of time after where she cannot do anything with her husband and that can frustrate most men. But why is it that women are cheating more, especially after Mother’s Day?

It all comes down to power according to Biderman. He says that a man who is in a relationship where his spouse earns more money than he does is at a higher risk of being cheated on. Women have reversed the roles of the normal household dynamic and are now the ones who hold their own. As they grow older with their partner they begin to feel a yearning for someone to tell them that they are attractive or for someone younger to flirt with them. When you are married couples generally fall into a routine where romance and physical attraction fall to the wayside. Something new and exciting with someone else is what many women are looking for.

Times have changed drastically over the last few decades when it comes to s*x. People are much more open about it than they used to be. This could be because of the ease of watching an adult film or the celebrities that are becoming “famous” because they released an adult film with their partner. Either way s*x is now a common theme in our lives and if women aren’t getting it from their partner they may seek alternate companions on the side.


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