Step By Step Way To Get Rid Of Toxins That Cause Weight Gain


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Environmental toxins are all around us. They enter our bodies when we breathe and when we touch things around us. These toxins have a way of entering our system and then messing with the way our body is able to do things such as process sugar and balance metabolism. Due to this, these toxins can end up causing diabetes and adding fat to your body. There are ways that you can detoxify yourself using only your body:

1. Sweating: When you sweat you are technically detoxifying yourself. Make sure that you make use of this natural detox method and sweat as much as you can! Do a vigorous workout to open up those pores and sweat the toxins away. If you can’t get out and exercise try a sauna or a hot tub which can also cause you to sweat.

2. Pee it out: When you pee your urine is filled with toxins that have been filtered through your kidneys. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water as this helps your kidneys operate at their peak performance. Your urine should have no strong odor and should not be dark yellow (unless you are taking vitamins like B12 or riboflavin). If it isn’t clear you are not getting enough water into your system and you are not maximizing your toxin flush.

3. Belly breathing: Every single time we take a breath we are breathing in life-sustaining oxygen and breathing out killer carbon dioxide. We are getting rid of the toxins with every breath. Most of the time however the air that we are breathing is not that clean so our lungs have to work overtime. The best way to help them along is to learn how to belly breathe. This is when you take a deep and slow breath out, push the air out with your stomach muscles helping your lungs. Then when you take another slow, deep breath in relax the muscles of your stomach. Then when you think you have all of the air in, put your hand on your stomach, try to push your hand off of your stomach while breathing in a little more. This lets the bottom of your lungs fill up too.

4. P00p it away: One or two a day is all that is needed to get rid of harmful toxins that may be hiding in your body. Make sure you are getting enough water and fiber in your diet to be able to move things along.


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