Steph Curry: Marrying at 23 Is A Great Idea…If You’ve Found “the right one”


By Victor Trammell

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry, 28, is sitting on top of the world right now.

A true basketball enthusiast (such as myself) would look at Curry’s career in the NBA as a magnificent triumph. The back-to-back league MVP winner is on a team of reigning champions. Curry has led his team to the Western Conference Finals, which begin tonight.

The Warriors have a chance this year to gain back-to-back world titles for the first time in team history. Curry has put his stamp on the Golden State legacy. Many are saying he’ll be the heir apparent to the NBA throne if he can lead his team to another championship this year.

However,¬†career accolades aside, Curry has a beautiful family life at home that many can only dream of. His wife Ayesha, 27, fully supports him publicly and privately on a regular basis. She also represents herself with a manner of class and dignity that transcends the typical “Basketball Wives” image.

The Currys also have two adorable daughters, which they are doing a fabulous job of raising in the public eye. Parenting itself is a difficult job to do when you have a career to juggle at the same time. Doing so under the watchful eye of the public is even more difficult.

Nevertheless, the Currys do a very good job of maneuvering through the pressure humbly. Though the Currys are a still a young couple, they’ve already been at the job of having a full-fledged family life for five years. In a recent interview with sports journalist Graham Messinger, (host of In-Depth With Graham Messinger) Stephen Curry spoke about his personal experience of becoming a young husband and NBA star father.

After Messinger asked Curry why he got married so young, the newly crowned MVP shot back, “Why waste time when you’ve found the right one?” Curry went on to describe how he met his wife in high school and was instantly drawn to her dedication to faith.

“I knew having met my wife in high school [learning]her story and her family what she was about…a very faith-oriented woman. She was so driven,” Curry said of his wife Ayesha.

Curry’s story of love, marriage, and fatherhood proves that youth is no excuse for not knowing what you want out of life or not being mature enough for marriage. It’s refreshing to see a young black couple in America’s public eye represent themselves with character and be united strongly together in their faith.







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