Stop it: You Don’t Have ADD, You’re Not Depressed and That’s Not a Migraine


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There is a wealth of health information online these days which can be useful and it can also be harmful. People misinterpret their lives and how they are feeling all the time and tend to self-diagnose. Here are 8 disorders that are most commonly misrepresented and what their real symptoms are:

1. ADHD: It seems like every child that goes to the doctor is coming out with a diagnosis of ADHD these days. Plenty of adults seem to think that they have it too. Anytime someone gets the least bit distracted they claim to have ADHD and more often than not, thy don’t.

True symptoms include missed details, severe lack of attention, hard time understanding things, and talking non-stop. You do not have ADHD if you have had one too many coffees.

2. OCD: True OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is very disruptive and often times cannot be controlled. People seem to think that when they are overly organized that they are OCD. Real OCD symptoms can take an hour per day from someone. It’s more than just needing to double check that you turned off the oven.

3. Bipolar: When people have little mood swings they say they are bipolar. Bipolar disorder is a very serious illness. People who truly have bipolar may put their lives and relationships at risk, not to mention jobs and schoolwork as well.

4. Anxiety: We all get a little stressed every now and then over the everyday pressures of life. People who have a true anxiety disorder are prevented from doing normal things like shopping in a crowded market.

5. Migraines: Yes, you have a headache. Is it a migraine? Probably not. Migraines are intense and sometimes frightening. They come along with nausea, sensitivity to light, throbbing pain, and sometimes even fainting.

6. Autism: If you have even one of the many symptoms of Autism people are quick to throw you onto the spectrum. There are many different symptoms and disabilities that go along with someone who is one the spectrum and many tests should be done to determine if someone truly is autistic.

7. Celiac’s: There is a big different between an upset stomach and Celiac’s. The body has a reaction to gluten and the intestines end up inflamed. Patients suffer from diarrhea, nausea, bloating, weight loss, and malnutrition from lack of nutrient absorption.

8. Depression: If you are a little sad, you are not depressed. People who are truly depressed miss out on everyday things like playing with their kids or hanging out with friends. They do not feel the need to get out of bed or do anything that is important in life and these symptoms last for over two weeks.



  1. There are lots of undiagnosed mental illnesses in the African-American community. We shouldn’t be so quick to label people as “bipolar”, but we shouldn’t discount it, either. Only proper evaluation by medical professionals can make that determination.

  2. Cindie…

    Humm… truth be told you really can’t trust them either, they are the main one’s who are poisoning our black communities with all TuesDay fabricated drugs designed in a lab, and now years later people are really sick n dyeing… I use to work for a Hugh pharmacy… those demonic rich-a$$ Dr’s grossed millions of dollars on purposely misdiagnosing poor people just to fatten their pockets from writing scripts… that’s why there lawsuits popping up everywhere….. This world is in the time of famine and disease due to sin and disobedience plain and simply and the rich man knows it so why not make some money… Seeking and chasing after God is the only medication left thats safe and researching into holistic meds herbs and eating organic foods and staying away from foods that are high in harmones and preservatives… stop over cooking our fresh produce, steam only or blend raw with organic apple juice and pears and drink it yummy… flee from anything less then that. It a sin to dump trash into our temple and that means bad drugs foreign matter against our natural bodies….amen

    • I agree about diet — 1,000 percent. Bad diets don’t help anyone’s physical or mental condition.

      But having worked in mental health, and having had a schizophrenic mother-in-law, I do know that so many people who are now living in the community, who were formerly warehoused in state hospitals could not do so without modern psychotropic medications.

      All “man-made” medications have side effects — we must balance the “side effects” vs. the effects of not treating the original condition.

      I stand by what I have seen, and experienced on a personal level when it comes to psychotropic medications. I would much rather see a mentally ill individual on medications, living as normal a life as can be expected, than to see the myriad homeless mentally ill living on the streets and eating out of garbage cans.

      • CINDIE…
        I hear you, I have an x-inlaw who is skitz and a family member too. But the ADD /ADHD is another story. I walked threw that with my oldest son for years, but now he seems to be doing better since he’s gotten older. I tried him on the meds when he was a young child, so happen to have a very informed Pastor at the time who told me not to give him those drugs, thank God I listened because most children who took those drugs are dying out (strokes and heart attacks) today. You have to know what your doing by researching. I’m into holistic homeopathic herbs organics oils etc..
        Being sick and living with pain has taught me much..

  3. The state of America is out of control and People are scared confused and stressed out because they dont have the peace of God in their life so this is just another episode of drama to attack the uninformed so the article is just SO-SO, but no solution has come forth because Gods people still refuse to LOOK-UP from which cometh our help… now that’s the true diagnosis to our mental illness…. go get a real relationship with our God so he can heal our own personal land / aka: US….

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