Stretch Marks: How You Get Them and How To Get Rid of Them


stretch marksBy: Krystle Crossman

When you become pregnant or gain a good amount of weight, you will notice these small marks on your skin called stretch marks. This is where the skin has extra tension and these small scar lines appear at the place where it has been stretched too far. Did you know that your genetics play a huge role in whether you get stretch marks or not?

In a study that was conducted by the company 23andMe, 33, 930 participants were screened and had their DNA tested. Of this number 4,967 were women who had severe stretch marks due to pregnancy. There are mutations that were found in the following genes:

– TMEM18

Those who had mutations of those genes have a 40% higher chance of developing stretch marks. The biggest one was the ELN (elastin). If you don’t have enough elastin in your skin it will not stretch properly.

A mere 25% of the men for this study said that they had stretch marks while 55% of women said that they had them. There are some proven treatments that can help with the stretch marks that you can ask your doctor about:

1. Tretinoin Cream: This is a Retin-A cream that can reduce the appearance of the stretch marks that are recent and still red or pink in color.

2. Microdermabrasion: This procedure takes small abrasive crystals and gently removes the top layer of the skin to give you fresh and clean looking skin. It takes around five treatments (which are around $150 each) to notice a reduction in the stretch marks.

3. Laser treatment: This is a far more expensive option, but it is an option. Lasers can stimulate elastin, collagen, and melanin which are all essential to healthy skin. The biggest problem with the laser treatments is that they may cause skin pigmentation.


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  1. I have bad stretch marks but it was when i was 23 and 28 when i had my babies i am now 47 and the stretch marks are still there and sometimes itch . The cheapest way for me is the only option i have cause i dont have that much money. I have been a care giver all my life and was never able to do for myself . I have lost all my family even my husband due to cancer or other illnesses. I would like to try to help myself look better. thanks in advance.

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