Study: Cure Your Stress…With Love…& S*x


loveA lot of people will tell you that being in a relationship adds unnecessary and distracting stress to their lives, but researchers have found that love may have the opposite effect on your life. Falling in love comes with plenty of anxiety, fixation, adrenaline and other side effects, but once you’re in, it may also come with the cure to your stress.

One study was done showing that people who had recently fallen in love had higher levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, than those who were single or who were in a long-term relationship. The study tested the couple’s cortisol levels again 12 and 24 months later and found that they had returned to normal. When you are in love you brain gets extra dopamine as a response to your love tank being on full. Dopamine can help you focus, give you energy and make you feel more optimistic.

Even intercourse with someone that you love has positive health benefits. When you are feeling romantic, a wave of dopamine rushes over you, increasing your testosterone production. An increase in testosterone has been linked to an increase in your s*x drive. The release that you get from intercourse helps to deliver oxygen to your whole body, including your brain. It also lowers your blood-pressure, releases endorphins and acts as a sedative. You will also notice that your skin become healthier after intercourse and you have more emotional confidence. All of these attributes can be attained without intercourse however. Kissing, touching and eye contact can all help you to achieve the same effect.


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