Study: Dangerous Name-Brand Beauty Products Are Being Marketed to Black Women


By Victor Trammell

Black women are considered to be a cash cow for many name-brand beauty product producers. However, a new study has revealed that a number of these product lines carry brands, which contain hazardous chemicals.

According to Time Magazine, a research study was recently conducted and completed by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). The EWG released a report on this study, which revealed that a vast number of beauty and personal care companies are slowly killing black women with their products.

“Researchers at the Environmental Working Group (EWG) analyzed 1,177 beauty and personal care products marketed to black women and compared the ingredients to a scoring system used for the EWG’s Skin Deep database of over 64,000 personal care products,” wrote Alexandra Sifferlin, a Time columnist.

One of the co-authors of the new EWG report on its thoroughly-conducted research study is a woman named Nneka Leiba. Leiba also serves as the deputy director for research at EWG.

“As a black woman myself, I was disheartened that black women have fewer options for healthier products when they are choosing from products specifically targeted to them,” Leiba said, according to Time.

The biggest hazards (according to the EWG study) are products that black women love to use the most: Hair dyes and hair relaxers.

“Hair relaxers and dyes are high on the list of products cited in a new report,” Sifferlin also wrote.

Leiba pointed out in her statement to Time Magazine that black women deserve to be protected from the hazards being marketed to them by these popular beauty and personal care product manufacturers. A lot of money is being made, but there is very little accountability being undertaken by these corporations to eliminate public health risks.

“We know black women don’t only purchase products marketed to them. But if a black woman wants to choose products marketed for her, she should be able to find healthy products available to her. This is not acceptable,” Leiba also told Time Magazine.

The key to erasing this threat to black women is creating, selling, and using products that are produced by them and for them. Professional black women like Leiba are the key to raising awareness and making a difference.












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