Study Finds You Are Less Likely to Use a Condom if You Think Your Partner is Hot


By: Krystle Crossman

A new study has been conducted by a group of researchers in England has found that there is a link between attraction and the use of a c0ndom during s*x. They studied a group of 51 men to see if there was any correlation between how attractive they found a woman and whether they would use a c0ndom with her or not. They were given photos of 20 different women and were asked to rate their appearance on a scale of 0-100. They were then asked whether they would sleep with the woman, whether they would use a c0ndom while engaging in physical activity with them, and whether they thought that it was likely that the woman had an STI.

What the researchers found with this group of men was that the more attractive that they found the woman to be the less inclined they were to want to use a c0ndom. They also found that men felt that the women who were the most attractive to them were the most likely to have an STI. Even though they felt like the woman may have an STI it didn’t change their opinion of the woman or change how attracted to them they were.

The researchers conducted a study on women as well. They found that women and men were the same when it came to this study. The women stated that they would be more willing to have unprotected s*x with men that they found extremely attractive. They also stated that the men who they found to be the best looking had a higher risk of having an STI. Just like the men, this fact did not deter the women from being willing to have s*x with the men or having unprotected s*x with them.

Researchers found that the men who thought a woman was STI free were more likely to find her attractive than the ones that they did feel had an STI. They also found that when a man found a woman to be less attractive than the others and less likely to have an STI they were more likely to want to use a c0ndom with them. They hope that this study will help to spark education when it comes to safe s*x for everyone.



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