Study: Marriages Are Happier When Husbands Help With Kids


father with daughter

By Staff Blogger

Happy and healthy marriages are those where there is love, trust, honesty, and acceptance. Sharing of the household duties can help make for a happier marriage, especially when it comes to the duties of raising a child. If one person is doing all the work of raising a child plus all of the other chores in the house, it can put severe tension on the relationship.

 A study done at the University of Missouri at Columbia states that equal duty-sharing in the home will make for a happier and longer lasting marriage. Adam Galovan, along with colleagues from Brigham Young University and Utah State University surveyed 160 heteros*xual couples. They asked about their household and parental duties, how they shared them, and the effect it had on the marriage. The couples had been married for an average of five years and had one child under the age of five.

 Galovan said that the more than wives saw that their husbands were participating in the family routine of child rearing and housework, the better the relationship was for both. Any stress taken off of the other partner is good, especially when you are both overworked and tired.

 BYU also did a study on 1,088 children that had stepfathers and found that there can be big problems when the stepad moves in and takes over big responsibilities too quickly. It can take a while for the new parent to adjust, but eventually when they begin to take a more equal role in the family, the dust will settle. Both parents also need to adopt a similar parenting and discipline routine so that one parents isn’t seen as the “good parent” while the other is the “bad parent”.


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