Study Reveals Men’s Feelings and Confidence About The Size Of Their Pen!s



By: Krystle Crossman

It may seem like women are the only ones who think negatively about their bodies and the way they look while men don’t seem to care about any of that at all, but this is not true. Men have something that they are quite self-conscious about even though it really is not that big (no pun intended) of a deal. The body part we are talking about? That’s right…their pen!s.

King College London did a study on 173 men. They gave them a survey to fill out about how they felt about the size of their pen!s. Out of the 173, only 46 allowed a urologist to actually measure”special frined”. 30% of the men surveyed said that they were not satisfied with their size while 35.2% said that they were. What the research did show was that how men felt about their size and the anxieties that they had about their body image below the belt actually was not relative to their actual pen!s size.

Some of the men who were a larger size still said that they were ashamed of the size and some of those who were smaller said that they were fine with it. Why do men seem to stress so much about their body image in this particular way? It could be related to poor performance in bed that makes them think that their “size” is the problem. It could be that they are watching adult films that are giving them unrealistic expectations, much like women have about their bodies when they see a Victoria’s Secret model on the runway.

This anxiety that men have can also be linked to different mental health issues like anxiety disorders and depression.



  1. So let me get this right, some of the donkey-dongs where ashamed of their size?. Them men lie like a Chinese rug!!!

  2. Yeah I think about it but there’s not much I can do. I’m pretty average and can only hope I meet a “woman” that’s down with my size and skills. Other then that, it is what it is.

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