Study Reveals That Women In This Age Group Have The Best $ex


By Carolyn Tisdale

A recently commissioned study conducted by researchers working for the contraception app Natural Cycles showed that women in a certain generation enjoy more $exual intercourse and experienced a higher degree of self-assurance.

The U.K.’s Daily Mail newspaper reported on May 25th that the women aged 36 and over who participated in this study by Natural Cycles claimed to have the best $ex of their lives. These study findings go against the popular notion that younger women are more $exually vibrant.

“When it comes to feeling more attractive and having the best orgasm, it apparently gets better with age,” reads the Daily Mail’s report on the study.

The researchers for Natural Cycles conducted a survey on 2,600 women who fell in three different age groups. One group consisted of adult women aged 23 and younger. Another group consisted of women aged 24-35.

The third group of female survey takers fell in the 36 and older age group. The three different groups of women also had varying degrees of self-worth as well.

“When questioned about $exual attractiveness, the older age group were the most confident in their own skin – eight out of 10 said they felt sexy,” The Daily Mail report also read.

“In contrast, only four out of 10 women in the middle group old felt attractive and seven out of 10 women under 23 were happy with their looks,” the report went on to read.

Women were also asked in the survey if they had experienced enjoyable $exual intercourse in a recent time frame. Once again, the women in the 36 and older group led in this category.

“Women in the older age group are overall having the best $ex with 86 percent of them saying they had enjoyable intercourse over the last four weeks,” the report said.

In contrast, 76 percent of the women in the middle age group claimed to have had $ex in the last four weeks and only 56 percent of the women in the 23 and under age group reported having enjoyable $ex over the last four weeks.

I guess “doin’ it” really does get a lot better with age…