Study Says “going down” On Woman Has Health Benefits 


By Nigel Boys

Ever since the report by the State University of New York, published in the Daily Digest, that going down on a man can not only make him feel satisfied, but be beneficial to his partner’s health, men have been celebrating and women waiting for a similar report.

The previous research found that mood improving chemicals are present in male s*men, when scientists examined the s*x lives of almost 300 women. The report claimed that the benefits to women’s health for those who perform B.J’s on their partner, included sleeping better, having better moods and generally being more worry free.

Finally, a report by the same university on the benefits of cunn!lingus, states that this too can be beneficial to both partners. The report was published again in the Daily Digest.

Monitoring 150 straight and lesbian couples, half of which were told to concentrate heavily on oral s*x in their lives, the other half not so much, the new research found a noticeable difference in the way the two groups reported sleeping.

The 75 couples concentrating more on cunnilingus, showed better quality of sleep, lower anxiety and stress levels and increased intimacy levels, in and out of the bedroom, with their partners.

Going down on a woman encourages her to produce hormones like oxytocin and Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which the reports states has been proven to have protective effects against cancer, heart disease and some others. Some people use DHEA supplements to improve their s*x drive, build muscle, fight the effects of aging and improve some other health conditions.

Oxytocin is known to have sedative effects, thus going south on your female partner could be beneficial to her sleep, according to the report. Going down also produces endorphins, which is also beneficial for those who suffer from insomnia or restless nights and may even relieve migraine headaches, the study suggests.

While the recipient of this s*xual process receives these glorious health benefits, not to mention the possibly of an org*sm to go with them, since many women can’t achieve one through penetration alone, they’re not alone. The researchers found out that the one performing the act receives the same health benefits as the one they’re giving pleasure to.

Since sustained cl!toral stimulation is required for many women who can’t achieve org*sms through penetration, there’s no better or easier way to achieve this than orally, claim the scientific researchers.

Another benefit of cunnilingus is to prevent displeasure to the woman by a man who prematurely ejaculates. Since 25 percent of men will or have suffered from this at some point in their lives, s*xperts and psychologists recommend this alternative method to prolong the experience for both partners.

If you don’t believe what the experts or researchers say, you could always try it out for yourself and see if there are any benefits to your health. Even if there aren’t, at least you’ll probably have fun experimenting and that can be a good way to relieve stress in itself.




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    I don’t believe this, The MOUTH, Carry A lots of Germ’s. I for one DON’T LIKE IT, I’ve been married for 59 Years,My husband and i Been their Done that, There nothing like good SEX ,That is not GOOD SEX,

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