Study Says Women With “curvy” Figures Are Smarter and Have Smarter Children


oprah gownBy: Krystle Crossman

A study was performed on 16,000 women and young women and the researchers found that women who were curvier did better on cognitive tests than their skinny counterparts. The interesting thing was that the women’s daughters did really well on the tests as well.

The researchers studied the data and have come to believe that the reason that women who are curvier are smarter is due to the fat cell tissues in the hips. They say that these cells are where omega-3s are stored. Omega-3 has been known to boost brain power. These omega-3 benefits can also carry down to a fetus while it is still developing.

Many researchers are still skeptical however. They do not believe that there is enough evidence yet to support this theory. Omega-3s have been proven to boost mental acuity, but can those omegas travel all the way from the hip to make the person who is hosting them smarter?

Experts say that it is difficult to prove this theory because there are many different factors that can go into how smart someone is. They may be brought up in a house where studying is forced and reading is a must so they have no choice but to learn. Another thing to factor in is their diet. A poor diet can make a person sluggish and unable to concentrate just like lack of sleep can so if they are eating well and sleeping well, how do we know that it isn’t those factors that are making them smarter?

Researchers in the Universities of California and Pittsburgh have stated that many men are more attracted to women who are extremely smart and have children who are smart as well.



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