Study Shows Unexpected Benefits of Having an Open Marriage


By: Krystle Crossman

Open relationships and marriages are still somewhat taboo in our society. Many people feel that monogamous relationships are the only way to go and that breaking that traditional marriage bond is unacceptable. There are some unexpected benefits of having an open marriage that studies have found recently that may make some people think differently about them. The SAGE Journals had a special study published in the March 2017 issue that showed these benefits that can come from a consensually nonmonogamous marriage (CNM). Writer and Love Coach Jacki Melfi spent some time breaking the benefits down individually.

Abuse – Perhaps one of the best benefits of a CNM relationship is that abuse is not prevalent at all. Melfi speculates that this is because when someone is abusive they want it kept a secret and it is hard to do that when you are in a relationship with multiple people. She says that having others in the mix takes the power away from the abuser and it is not an ideal condition for them.

Jealousy – One of the main parts of an open relationship is the understanding that both parties will be sleeping with and having emotional relationships with people other than the main partner. This greatly reduces jealousy in most cases because they go in with that understanding and accept the fact that they will be seeing other people as well. Melfi says that the pressure to go through a partner’s personal items is gone because they know that they are not the only one in the relationship.

Failing relationships – There are no failures when it comes to polyamorous relationships according to Melfi. She states that you learn something with every relationship that you have. One relationship may end but there are still other partners that stay and that you can find success with. Even if all of the partnerships dissolve it still shouldn’t be considered a failure as each relationship came with growth, understanding, and a lesson for the next person.

Trust – One of the aspects of an open marriage is truth. Both partners agree to tell the truth about everything that they go through. This instills a lot of trust and confidence as they are truly open and communicating with each other. Trust is very important for any relationship but Melfi says that there is much more of it in a CNM relationship because of how open they are will communication right from the start.

Support – When you are in a traditional relationship you will find comfort and support in the arms of your partner. This can also weigh heavy on that partner as you will always be leaning on them. When you are in an open marriage with many partners you will have different people to lean on so the problems are spread out. It makes things less stressful for everyone involved.



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