Successful People’s Biggest Asset Often Wasted By Those Who Don’t Value It


By: Krystle Crossman

There are many valuable assets that you may possess that will help you to become successful in life. Money, family, and support are all great assets. However they are not the most important. According to successful people our most valuable asset is time. While this may seem like a strange asset to have at the top of the list there are a few reasons as to why you should think about time above all else when reaching for success.

When running a business there are many different things that go on during the day that could waste the precious time that you have. During an 8 hour work day you have 480 minutes. Meetings can be a huge waste of time if they are not run properly. Before calling a meeting make sure that it is really necessary. If it is something that can be sent in an email instead think about using that as an alternative. If you are to attend a meeting and it is not mandatory decide what is more important for you to do, the work in front of you or the meeting.

While helping other people is certainly not a waste of time, the amount that you help could be. If you are trying to work and are finding that you are constantly being interrupted you may want to rethink how you go about helping others. Set aside some time specifically for people who have questions or need help with something. In that hour or two you will be able to assist your coworkers while having the rest of the day free to concentrate on your work.

Emails are a huge waste of time if you do not manage them correctly. Do not reply to emails as soon as you get them if you do not have to. If you stop what you are doing as soon as an email comes through and reply to it you could be spending more time getting back into the task that you were doing before the email than you think. Set aside some time after every task that you complete to check your email and reply accordingly, then start in on a new task when you are done.

We all have the same amount of time in our work day but how we use it will determine how successful we are. If you are wasting time during the day that someone else is using productively you can fall behind and find that you are not getting as much done during the day as you could. This can affect your success in the long run. Evaluate how you use your time during the day and make a plan to trim some of the time that is wasted.



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