Super Stressed? Locking Yourself In Your Closet May Help


closetEveryone has stress at some point in their lives. Some choose to deal with it by taking up a sport or a hobby. Others don’t deal with it and end up having a break down. Here are some ways that women say they de-stress.

          Mirror time: One woman says that she will give herself the biggest and sweetest smile that she possibly can in a mirror and she will remind herself that her face looks much better this way.

          In the closet: When children are stressing her out, one woman admits that she will lock herself in the closet with her laptop and a do not disturb sign. Her kids think she is studying for her online classes but she says she is really on Facebook.

         Walk it out: Taking a walk is a great way to relieve stress and get some fresh air.

          Rise and shine: Get up an hour early so that you have an hour to yourself to do whatever you want to do before the hectic day begins.

          Stay late: One woman admits that she will stay late at work, not to work, but to get stuff done that she couldn’t otherwise do.

         Organize your life: Organizing things can be very relaxing for some.

          Dance it out: Dancing is not only great exercise, but it is a great way to melt the stress away.

          Hot air: Sneak away with a plastic bag, fill it with air, tie it and you will have a makeshift pillow to lie on for a few moments.

          Back to reality: Reality TV, especially bad reality TV is a great way to make you feel better about your  life.

          Sneak attack: Sneak into the bathroom with a glass of wine and some bubbles, tell the hubby that you are going to the gym when you are actually heading to Starbucks with your laptop.

          Swim it out: Go for an early morning swim before everyone is up.

          Rub a dub dub: One woman says that she would climb into the bathtub with her toddler just to get some bubble bath time in.

          Cleaning the teeth: One woman says that she finds getting her teeth cleaned at the dentist is relaxing.

          Extreme sports: Maybe you need a little excitement. Extreme sports like white water rafting could be the way to go!


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