Surprising New Research Says Women Not Built to be Monogamous


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Evolutionary researchers have always told us that women were monogamous in the early days because they only had so many eggs in their lifetime. Men were not necessarily believed to be monogamous because they had an unlimited reproductive supply. That theory is now being countered by author, Daniel Bergne, who wrote the book What Do Women Want? Adventures in the Science of Female Desire. He says that new studies are beginning to show that women aren’t as reserved as we may think they are and may not be programmed for monogamy.

Research over the last few years, on the subject of female desires, has shown that women get just as excited about s*x as men do.

Bergner argues, multiple 0rgasms (which evolutionary psychologists have long had a hard time explaining) are “evolution’s method of making sure that females are libertines, that they move efficiently from one round of sex to the next and frequently from one partner to the next, that they transfer the turn-on of one encounter to the stimulating of the next, building towards climax.”

Bergne says that while we may not be ready to throw in the towel just yet on living a monogamous lifestyle, it is in the back of our minds and wonders how women can keep their desire while in a long-term relationship.

Some have come up with a “cure” for monogamy. It’s pharmaceutical. Drug companies are now making a pill that is much like V!agra, only it is for women. It heightens desire and increases pleasure during s*x. One drug on the market is called Lybrido. One woman said that when she took it she felt like she just had to do something right then and now or she was going to go crazy.

Bergne says that desire isn’t only about the relationship you are in but the external factors as well. Women sometimes feel they have to live up to society’s stereotypes that women are much more reserved about s*x than men are, so they don’t release all of the inner passion that they may be feeling.

While all of this is research in its early stages, it is intriguing to know a little more about the desires of women.



  1. This story and the research behind it is a crock of bull. When civilization began women were treated as a commodity. The family was responsible for maintaining the "value" if that commodity by ensuring a young female's virginity and skillset as a homemaker. Typically, the patriarch would broker a deal of marriage and present his daughter with a gift to the grooms family. The whole deal was about honor and establishing a powerful "clan". Women never had a choice in the matter. As time moved forward this concept continued until "women's rights" appearred. When the women's rights movement changed things women began to choose who and when the slept with. In cases where the ratio of women:men was off, women began to used sex to broker their own deals of commitment. Currently women have lost the idea that they are a commodity altogether and sleep with multiple partners in hopes of getting the best choice available. The olden times were better in my opinion. Women were chaste and viewed as a benefit of a good life not a sex toy like now. Just my opinion based on the facts I've shared.

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