Survey Shows What Men Really Think About Our Hair “Down There”


By: Krystle Crossman

A woman’s grooming habits are always under scrutiny it seems. The adult film industry makes it seem like women need to be bare down there in order to be s*xy. But is that what men really think of the situation? They have hair down under too, so how do they feel about women who have it? and the Huffington Post got together to complete a survey to see just what men thought about a woman’s grooming habits. The results were pretty interesting.

Over 5,000 men were surveyed on The first question that they were asked was what they found attractive when it comes to what a woman has going on down there. Out of those surveyed 41% stated that they found completely bare attractive and that was it. 38% stated that a well-groomed woman was just fine with them. 15% stated that it didn’t matter to them as long as the woman was comfortable with what she had going on. 5% said that natural was attractive and 1% said they liked “other”. (What “other” meant was not specified).

The men were also asked as to whether they felt that they were under pressure to groom themselves down there because of the way women are pressured to. Almost half, 48%, stated that they liked to be groomed however they didn’t feel any pressure to do it or not do it. 20% of the men stated that they do it because they owe the woman that went to all of that trouble for them. 20% said that they do feel the pressure to be “manscaped”. Finally 5% simply said no.

There is a lot of money to be made when it comes to products that help with the removal of hair down there whether it be for a waxing treatment, creams, or razors. How many people know that you may actually be doing more harm than good by shaving it all off? Ladies, you have hair down there for a reason whether you like it or not. It is a safeguard for all of your lady bits and prevents unknown substances from entering your body. When you shave it all off you are taking away that safeguard and are more prone to things like yeast infections. Also when you take a razor to your most sensitive area you are causing microcuts that open you up to a host of infections. It is a personal preference whether you want to be bare or not, but there are definitely pros to keeping yourself well-groomed instead.


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