Swelling, Rashes, Irritation – Don’t Use These Tampons


By: Krystle Crossman

When you are shopping for feminine products the first thing that you will see is brightly colored packaging. Each brand wants to draw in the eye to their product. Once they have caught your attention with the bright colors and bring you in closer, they will try to get you to purchase their products with “extras”. For example, there are pads that boast that they have wings, or they will last up to 10 hours while you sleep, or they have a core in the center that soaks up more liquid than any other pad. Then you have tampons which have “quiet” packaging, flushable applicators, and super absorbency. What they don’t tell you is that some of the extras that they brag about can actually be really bad for your body.

One of the worst things that you can do when you are having your period is use scented tampons. The chemicals that create the scent kill the good bacteria that you have in your [email protected] that keeps things healthy. Without the good bacteria around, the bad bacteria will multiple and thus cause a nasty infection. Along with the infection comes the itching and the smells. Dr. Draion Burch, OB/GYN, states that the bad bacteria that will grow will cause your private parts to smell like fish, so the scented products are actually doing the opposite of what they claim to do.

If these products are so bad for you, why do companies put them out there? The almighty dollar is a big driving factor. They want to market to women who have insecurities about their time of the month. It is common to be insecure about smells, leakage, and not looking like you are wearing a diaper. Companies know about these insecurities and make sure that they have products that will make women feel more comfortable about them, even if they could be damaging to your health. This is the same for feminine d0uche products. They are very bad for the pH balance that you naturally have and create the opposite effect. But they make sure that they market towards insecurities. Dr. Burch states that the safest thing that you can use during your period is a Diva Cup. It is a cup that is placed inside of the [email protected] that contours to your body. It catches the blood and then you empty it every few hours. They are made of non-toxic and sanitary materials with no perfumes or chemicals. Many women rave about the cup and say they are never going back to tampons and pads again.



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