S*xuality & Spirituality: Understanding Their Connection


KamaSutraBy Staff Blogger

Because of different cultures and religions, many people form the belief that to be spiritual, you have to turn away from your s*xuality and that is a sign of a misunderstanding of s*xuality and spirituality. “Intimacy” is all too often a taboo subject to talk about. People often think of it as vulgar or something that should be kept private. Why should it be considered taboo? S*x is one of nature’s most primal and basic needs. We must do it, as a species, to survive. So, why not talk about it? Here are some insights to s*x and spirituality from Deepak Chopra, author of Kama Sutra.

All things that are living come from s*xual energy. It is the creative energy of this Earth. For humans, s*xual energy can be creative in a few different ways. It can be physical, spiritual, or emotional. Whenever we feel things such as arousal, awakening, passion, enthusiasm, creativity, s*xual energy is at work. Feed those states of awareness with attention.
Suppressing s*xual energy is unchaste, ugly, and false. S*xual desire is chaste and sacred.


During s*x, the flesh and the spirit of the two people involved unite.
There are three essences to s*x: playfulness, bliss, and carefreeness.

To enjoy s*x more, drop your expectations.

Resistance to s*x is born from fear. Don’t fear it. Let yourself go and give in.

Having s*x is a way to feel uninhibited and free. It is the taste of freedom.

S*xual fulfillment comes most often when you have s*x out of playfulness, instead of out of necessity.

Any problems related to s*x such as violence and s*xual deviance are caused by suppression and resistance, not s*x itself. Let go of the resistance and your emotions and fears will not be bottled up.

S*x is a means of escaping from ourselves. Some people use it as meditation.

Meaningful s*x must be based on values. Values are personal and should be respected. Everyone has different values, but one should not compromise them for fear of rejection.


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