Take These Fitness Tips From Men to Help You Lose Weight


By: Isabella Carson

It can seem at times that men have a much easier time losing weight than women. They drop pounds faster and can build muscle faster. There are some tips that we can take from men and their workouts to help us to be the healthiest that we can be according to writer Aaron Traister:

1. Competitive – Men are ridiculously competitive, especially when it comes to being physical. They are often very competitive with themselves when they have a workout routine. If they run they always try and beat their own time. If they lift weights they try to beat the weight that they lifted last week. Competition sparks motivation so get those competitive juices flowing!

2. Support – Men have the women in their lives for support. We women are usually great listeners and great cheerleaders. Men…not so much. They may try to take something serious and turn it into a joke that ends up offending someone or comes off in a very different manner than they intend it to. Support is a very big part of weight loss and fitness. Having someone there to talk to and motivate you when you are feeling down or are not hitting the goals that you want to hit will help to keep you motivated and can help you to see the positives in what you are doing.

3. Image – Men and woman often have very different issues when it comes to their image. Women feel pressure from society to be supermodel thin with perfect features, not a hair out of place, and make-up that is flawless. Men just have to be dressed and clean to be accepted. It is a very different world which makes it easier for men to work out all the time. They do not get stressed about losing that last five pounds. They will lose it when they lose it. Women often feel pressure to lose that last five pounds immediately or all the hard work that they have put in is all for naught.

4. Food – Men are more in tune with their relationship to food and they know ways to control their urges. For example if a man indulges on chocolate cake a little too often he will recognize that it is a problem and eat something that is similar but different enough so that he doesn’t eat a lot of it. What would you rather have more of, chocolate cake or low fat carrot cake? A man will reduce the bad things that he eats but not cut everything that is similar out of his diet too. It is just as bad to quit from a bad food habit cold turkey than to continue with the bad habit. It is all about moderation and modification.


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