Taking Time To Make Healthy Meals May Mean Less Exercise


cookingBy Staff Blogger

After you are done with cooking a long meal, the last thing you want to do is go to the gym and exercise for an hour right? Or the last thing that you want to do after an hour of strenuous exercise is cook a time-consuming healthy meal. Research shows that those who spend extra time on one spend less time on the other.

 Data from over 112,000 American adults was collected from the American Time Use Survey where they reported their activities from the previous day. Through this data it was found that 16% of men and 12% of women said that they exercised the previous day. Women spent an average of 9 minutes exercising and men spent an average of 19 minutes.

 The researchers also found that men took an average of 17 minutes per day to prepare healthy meals, and women an average of 44 minutes. They got the idea that the average person will spend less than an hour a day on both activities combined. They also found that there was a trade-off behavior between exercising and healthy food prep.

 Rachel Tumin was a researcher on this study as well. She is a doctoral student at the Ohio State University’s College of Public Health. She thinks that people need to take into account the amount of time that they have to spend on these activities and find a way to balance both while finding the optimal way to use that time.

 These findings are still considered preliminary as they have not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal but they were presented at the annual Population Association of America meeting. There is still more research being done on the subject.


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