Tamara Mowry-Housley Gives Working Mothers Advice on How to Deal With Guilt


By: Krystle Crossman

When mothers have to go to work and miss some of the big moments in their child’s life they may experience “working mother’s guilt”. This is completely normal and two-time mother Tamara Mowry-Housley knows about it all too well. She recently sat down with Madame Noire for an interview about this phenomenon and about her newest family member who will be on her way in a few short months.

Mowry was recently awarded the Resident Mom of the Year award by the Residence Inn by Mariott hotel chain. They chose her because she is a dedicated mother but also stresses the importance of balancing family and work time. She inspires others to continue going after their dreams whether they have children or not. She states that her family still loves to travel all the time and that they see no need to slow down just because they have kids. The children can take part in all of the fun too! Mowry has one son, Aden, who just started preschool and currently is pregnant with a little girl who is due to make her appearance into the world in just a few months. Mowry stated that she was sad because she was not able to be at the first day of preschool with Aden but her husband was able to go for a few hours. They brought her into the classroom via Skype while she was getting her hair and make-up done. She says that it is bittersweet because she is missing out on things like this but she is doing what she loves with her career.

So how does someone get over “working mother’s guilt”? Mowry says that you are going to feel this guilt no matter what so you have to make the best of it. She states that she looks at it from the other side of the coin and thinks about the person she wants her child to see. She wants him to watch her as a productive and self-driven person. She wants to be someone her kids can look up to down the road and inspire them to be a person who knows the value of balancing family and work life.

Mowry also had advice for first time parents. She stated that it is easy for the male to be left out for the first few months if the mother is nursing because he can’t be a part of that. She stated that her husband helped with this with Aden by bringing him to her when he was hungry. She tells other couples that they have to work together at all times because it reduces the stress for both parents because they are putting in equal time. It is also better for both parents to bond with the child right from the start.



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  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Black women have been working mothers who missed out on important events in their children’s lives since the beginning of time. This is nothing new, and nothing takes away the guilt of knowing you were not there for every moment of your child’s life.

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