Taraji P. Henson: ‘Kiss My A$$ Hollywood! Black Women CAN Open Films!’


By Victor Trammell

Prior to the success at the box office that the movie “Hidden Figures” produced in its debut this past weekend, there was a big misconception in the minds of those at the helm of the Hollywood movie making process.

This misconception was that films with black women at the forefront for the leading roles don’t do much at the box office during the opening weekend. However, the leading black female cast of “Hidden Figures” just got 22.8 million reasons (or dollars made off their film this past weekend) why that misconception is a bunch of hogwash.

In this groundbreaking film, “Empire” star Taraji P. Henson, singer Janelle Monae, and actress Octavia Spencer all played prominent black women at NASA. These three women played pivotal roles in calculating flight trajectories for the Project Mercury mission and the Apollo 11 space launch that put America’s first man on the moon.

Henson posted a message on Instagram, which shared her feelings about her new film’s success and how its huge box office debut moved mountains for black women in Hollywood. “”I have been told my entire career, ‘Black women can’t open films domestically or internationally,'” Henson wrote.

“Well, anything is possible,” she continued. Earlier today, TMZ caught up with the 46-year-old Golden Globe Award-winning actress and her enthusiasm over the success of “Hidden Figures” was a bit more turned up. “Hollywood says black women can’t open a film,” Henson said.

“Kiss my a$$,” she emphatically said prior to receiving a deafening round of applause from attendees on the set of “Empire.”

In the past, Henson has spoken publicly and vociferously about her experiences with gender discrimination and racism over the course of her career in Hollywood. However, she has been serving skeptics with a steady diet of getting proven wrong with every great accomplishment in film and television she is a part of nowadays.

In this day and age where covert racism and unwritten rules of bigotry are at an all-time high, it looks good to see black women blaze trails that the white male-dominated film establishment never thought could be paved.

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