Teacher Forced To Resign By Parents With Ebola Hysteria


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Even though only one person has died in the United States from Ebola and two others had contracted the disease in the country people are still extremely on edge. In New Jersey Governor Christie was quarantining anyone that came from a country where Ebola was present in case they had the virus but hadn’t shown symptoms just yet. Now a teacher in Kentucky has resigned from her position because of parent concerns over her travel activities.

Susan Sherman had recently taken a trip to Kenya which is far away from the countries where Ebola is. She is also a nurse and was on a medical trip at the time but it had nothing to do with the deadly virus. When she returned home from her trip parents began to raise concerns even though she hadn’t been anywhere near it. The school was ready to put her under a 21 day leave just as a precaution in case she had picked something up. They also said that she could come back from the leave once she had produced a doctor’s note that stated that she was clear from the virus. Instead of taking this leave however Sherman handed in her resignation instead.

There is no word on why Sherman decided to leave the school instead of taking the leave and making sure she was cleared. Many states are mandating the quarantines but the school was where the decision came from, not the state or the government. The main focuses of the quarantines are healthcare workers that are coming back from three specific countries. Those countries are Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia.

Hospitals all over the country have been preparing their staff for the possibility of an infected person coming to their hospital. It is all about personal protection equipment and the proper channels that healthcare workers must go through in order to put a barrier up against the virus. So far this has been the deadliest outbreak of Ebola ever. It has killed almost 4,200 people so far. The majority of those people have been in West African countries and countries around them.


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