The Best Advice for a Long and Happy Marriage


thBy: Krystle Crossman

When people are new to marriage, some may look to their friends for advice on how to have the healthiest relationship that they can while others may not want to listen to anyone when it comes to their advice. Here are some responses from real women in happy marriages when asked what was the best advice ever given to them:

1.  Don’t ever throw around the word divorce. Some people will use this in an argument to try and shock their partner, but it is not a smart move. Just the mention of this word can get the thought planted in each other’s heads and could lead to an actual divorce over nothing.

2. Giving 50-50 never works. You must 100% which means always doing more . Always try to go above and beyond. In the best relationships, both partners give 100%; not 50-50.

3. Leave the past where it is – in the past. If you keep bringing up the past it could lead to larger arguments. It’s in the past for a reason.

4. Don’t speak negatively about your spouse to others. This gives people the impression that you really aren’t happy in your marriage and they will also feel free to contribute their own negative perceptions of your spouse and marriage. If your partner is right there with you and you are trying to make jokes, you may still be hurting them and can come across as disrespectful and cold to your friends.

5. Remember to be on your spouse’s side. Don’t choose your parents or his parents over him. Make sure he knows that you always have his back. Be a team because your relationship is extremely important and your partner needs to know that you are always on his side.

6. Find ways to keep “dating” forever. Get some time away together to discover new things about each other or just to catch up on your busy lives outside of the home. Make time together at home and just talk. Try and focus time on yourselves too, not just the kids or work.

7. Adapt and roll with the punches. Life changes often. Talk with your partner when things come up and adjust with them.


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