The Best Exercises For Non-Athletic or Lazy People


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

When you are not in the best shape or when you aren’t athletic at all, exercising can seem like such a chore that you just don’t do it. There are five exercises that you can do if you are lazy, out of shape, or just not athletic. These exercises will help you tone your body.

1. Swimming: Swimming is easy on the joints because you are not putting pressure on them at all like with running or weight lifting. It is low impact but is great for almost every muscle in your body. Swimming is also an easy exercise for almost anyone. Even those that don’t swim well can do some things in the water, even if it’s just treading water.

2. Tai Chi: Want to relax while you exercise? Tai Chi may be for you. It is an ancient Chinese martial art. It has slow and precise movements, much like yoga. It may not look like you are doing much, but your muscles will thank you later. It combines focus, balance, and meditation.

3. Strength Training: You don’t have to lift extremely heavy weights in order to do strength training. You can use small dumbbells, kettle balls, medicine balls, or even do push-ups and pull-ups. Strength training builds muscle, increases bone density, tones, burns calories, and decreases body fat.

4. Walking: Almost everyone can walk. All you have to do is throw some music on your iPod, put on a pair of comfortable sneakers and take off. Get lost in your thoughts while you are walking, you won’t realize how far you have gone. Over time you will need to increase the intensity as your body will adapt and won’t burn as much fat.

5. Kegel Exercises: No, these will not tone any exterior muscles in your body. They will however strengthen your pelvic floor which will help you when you get older as it strengthens bladder control.


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