The Best Way to Get Rid Of Love Handles


By: Krystle Crossman

Women have birthing hips. It is what we are built for, it is the way we were meant to be. But you may not be happy about those love handles that sit on your hips that you can’t seem to get rid of. Here are five workouts to help with that:

1. Boat pose with twists: For this exercise you need to sit on the floor and lift your legs and your feet up and away from the ground. Lean your torso back 45 degrees as you bend your knees at a 90 degree angle. You should then put your hands together, almost as if you are praying. Your body will now look like a V. Take your arms and twist them to the right until they touch the floor. Inhale as you move your arms back to the center and then exhales as you twist the other way.

2. Side plank with hip dips: Get into an upper-pushup plank position. Get your right hand so it is under your nose. Put your feet together. Roll to the outside edge of your right foot and put your left foot on top of it. Lift your left hand off the ground and you will have all of your weight on the right foot and right hand. Pull your belly in and dip your hips to the ground. Then lift back to the ceiling. Do this 10 times on each side for three sets.

3. Practice good posture: Sitting up the right way can actually reduce your love handles. If you sit up straight while you are at your desk or eating a meal, and practice standing straight while walking. Pull in your stomach muscles. This little movement will help tone your core muscles.

4. Leg circles: Lie on your back and put your arms by your hips with the palms down. Pull you stomach muscles in and lift your legs to the ceiling so your body has an L shape. Then pull your legs to the right until they touch the ground but don’t let them touch the floor. Keep moving your legs back up and to the left to they make a big circle.

5. Plank with knee twists: Start in an upper-pushup plank position again with your hand directly under your shoulders, and then go down to your forearms. Take your right foot and raise it so that your leg is extended behind you. Take a breath in and then when you exhale you want to bend your leg and bring your right knee to your elbow. Put the leg back to its starting position and repeat.


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