The Big Problem With “the perfect body”


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Victoria’s Secret has a campaign that is called the Perfect “Body” campaign. However this ad is not so perfect and is not sitting well with “real” women who have seen it. A petition has been started against the ad stating that it is unrealistic and could be harmful to young women who are viewing this ad. It shows a group of rail thin models standing around in their underwear, giving the impression that these are what “perfect” bodies look like.

Now a New York City clothing store called Dear Kate is making their own “Perfect Body” ad in response to Victoria’s Secret’s ads. The retailer called on women of all sizes and skin colors to be a part of their ad. The sizes of the women in this new ad range from what society deems to be “thin” all the way up to beautiful plus-sized women. What they are trying to accomplish with this ad is to show that just because the media doesn’t think you are perfect doesn’t mean that you aren’t. It is empowering women to feel beautiful no matter what their size is.

Since the ad features women that are usually cast aside in the advertising world it is making waves. Even women such as Shonda Rimes and Kate Upton have posted the new ad from Dear Kate on their social media accounts. The CEO of Dear Kate, Julie Sygiel states that she has gotten emails from women all over the country who have stated that the ad moved them in some way. One woman even said that she cried because she has been made to feel like she isn’t beautiful her whole life and it has damaged her self-esteem.

This is exactly what Sygiel feels that the Victoria’s Secret ad is doing to young women all over the world. The pressure from the media to look like a supermodel is so great and women that do not feel like they are pushed to the side because of their looks. They are made to feel like they are not “perfect” because they are not a size zero and that is not okay.



  1. Fat flabby and funny lookin shapes are not perfect. Fat out of shape cbicks stay hatin on women who take care of their bodies.

  2. Devon there is no such thing as a FERFECT body
    Just a lot of imperfect folks going around claiming to know the TRUTH
    From the skinniest skinny to the fattest fatty we are all PERFECT in our own right.
    What I would like to see is PERFECT HEALTH no matter the size because regardless WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE
    Now lets go and share a buffet and some beer

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