The Challenges of Being Bi$exual


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There are women who date men, men who date women. Then there are women who date women, men who date men, and some who date either gender. We all know that gay rights and acceptance have come a long way in the world, but not have they come far enough? Those who like both men and women are technically called bis*xual, but many do not like to use this term.

Out of the 9 million Americans that identify as lesbian, gay, transgender, or bis*xual, only 1.8% say they identify as bi. This is interesting considering that 19 million people reported that they have had a same s*x experience before, but yet they do not consider themselves to be bis*xual.

Another interesting fact is that 25.6 million people have said that they have had an attraction to someone of the same sex before but again do not consider themselves to be bis*xual.

The 2013 PEW report showed that bis*xual people are less likely to come out to people that they love as opposed to gay or lesbian people. 71% of those who identify as lesbians said that they have come out to those they love, 77% of those who identify as being gay have said that they have come out, but only 28% of bis*xuals admitted that they have come out as such.

After a few different polls and studies a few theories were thrown around as to why those who are interested in both genders do not like to use the term bis*xual. It is a word that could have many different meanings, and in reality, technically means someone who exhibits the characteristics of both men and women and has nothing to do with s*xual behaviors. It is too complex a term and it seems that even with all the explanations in the world, most of the time people still don’t seem to understand what it really means.



  1. abomination there is a reason why sodom and gomorrah was destroyed. And yes if you go there now it is filled with sulfur as if it was burnt in a furnace

    • TOTALLY agree (fence jumping) has to stop… Saying you can’t committ to one specific lifestyle or gender is basically professing they’re refuse to committ to any relationship…
      Bi-sexual is just a B.S. waterdown female version of the downlow label placed on gay men…

      With hindsight & foresight of the Obama “vote -pandering rules” for samesex marriages… Consider a future wife prospect who was the masculine or feminine partner of a same sex marriage & it (doesn’t) show?.. Experiences have shown these people are experts at sabotaging relationships After-the-fact of playing with Peoples lives… :
      Bi- sexual…, Right out front tells people., this person has the “body parts” And fornicating (Lack of a better term) is as far as the relationship should GO… ……..children? ……..

  2. radar-dreamer on

    in understanding any form of homosexuality we must be carefull not to condone it because since it is immoral it can never be given legitimacy. I am well aware of the social factors that contribute to it but just like every wrong item, we cannot choose to give credence because it is popular. I strongly feel that a national campaign of some sort should be given towards fixing the problem instead of legitimizing it in anyway.

    • This is what white folk say about being Black when we’re not around to hear it. That they, “Need to fix it” some kind of way!

  3. The term ‘bi$exual’, while accurately describing a person’s sexual preferences, has a very negative connotation in both the hetero world (as can be seen in the comments above) and in the same-sex world. Bisexual (and transgender) people are not commonly accepted by either group because straight and gay people have the same tendency — the desire to pigeonhole others into easily defined groups and, especially, into their own group. It might come as a shock to the PC people of the world that gays and lesbians can be just as prejudiced as those who are prejudiced towards them. Many of us find it difficult to comprehend that sexual preference operates on a continuum, not in an either/or world. Bisexual and transgendered people are generally shunned by both worlds because gays say that bisexuals are no more than gays or lesbians who don’t want to admit it while straights write them off as perverts.

  4. I’m bisexual… im not confused.. i found myself attracted to females early on in my life. I know for a FACT what i like.. there is no FIXING the problem, because there is NO PROBLEM. 😉

  5. No its not right, but that is something that gays, lesbians and bi-sexuals have to deal with it is not ip to us to judge people for tha lifestyle that they choose. Br respectful of people’s decisions because what if ur family member or child came out to u? Would u be so quick to judge?

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