The Cl!toris: You’re Probably Wrong About What You Think You Know About It


roseBy: Krystle Crossman

Did you know that scientifically the clitor!s was discovered a mere 15 years ago? It is the only body part that is there solely for pleasure. But one thing that most people don’t know is that the clitor!s is a mostly internal organ, not just a little button that is nestled between a woman’s legs.

The clitor!s is actually an internal erectile organ that consists of two corpora cavernosa that scientists say wrap around the vag!na when erect. It also has two crura which are erectile bodies that branch out from the body of the clitor!s. The [email protected] glans is the part that you are able to see outside of the body.

New York artist Sophia Wallace is committed to helping people become more knowledgeable about the clitor!s and its function. She has developed “Cliteracy”. The meaning behind this word is her determination to talk about the organ in a way that it has not been spoken about before in order to educate people.

Wallace has created an art piece in her gallery that is all about Cliteracy. 100 Natural Laws are on the wall as well as a giant neon sign that says Cliteracy. The natural laws are all facts about the clitor!s that so many people do not know. Her purpose for making the piece so large is so that anyone standing next to it will feel small. All of the facts that are hanging on the wall are historical, scientific, and some even refer to pop culture. Wallace wants to teach people all about the organ and let them know that they don’t know as much as they think they do about the clitor!s.