The Difference Between The $ex in P0rno and The $ex In Your Bedroom


Ana FoxxBy: Krystle Crossman

You know that most men watch p0rn and then they get crazy ideas from it. What both you and your man should know is that there is a big difference between s*x with your partner and s*x in a p0rn0 movie. Huffpost Live asked women who were in the “adult” industry to describe the differences between real s*x and on-camera s*x.

Jincey Lumpkin, Esq, who is the Chief S*xy Officer for Juicy Pink Box said that p0rn0 is all about flattering angles, cutting scenes together, and posturing for the camera. Nina Hartley, who is an adult film star, said that p0rn0 is a paid performance by actors and actresses. They are meant to be viewed as fantasies and not as a rulebook for how s*x with your partner should go. She also stated that it doesn’t say much about how the s*x education in this country is if people have to use p0rn0 as a way to figure out how to have s*x properly.

A video called “P0rn S*x vs. Real S*x” was made. It compared the two by using something that everyone would understand…fruit metaphors. Here are some facts as described with fruit in the video:

– Male “adult film” stars’ average pen!s size is 6-9 inches while in the real world, sizes are 5-7 inches.
– Almost everyone in “adult films” p0rn is clean shaven, but in the real world 65% of women and 85% of men have hair down there
– Unlike in “adult films”, only 11% of straight women have had a same s*x experience
– Only 40% of women have tried [email protected] s*x where as in “adult films” most of them seem to love it

The video gave a better visual as they used fruits and veggies to describe what they were talking about, but the facts remain the same. You can draw inspiration for fantasies and role play from “adult films” but don’t use it as a rulebook for s*x!



  1. Why are you quoting from a white, female lesbian website with that gross name for Why are you quoting statistics that pertain to white people, for example, penis size? You have been planted in that position to secretly defile sisters mindsets and you will be plucked out just as fast.

  2. After all these years of sexual deviant & the world over sexualize & kids sexually out of control….NOW YOU TELL US ITS FAKE

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