The Fight Against Domestic Violence: Is There Progress Being Made?


Young woman with a black eyeBy: Krystle Crossman

By now many of you have probably seen the video of the little girls who are cursing and painted with bruises to speak up against domestic violence against women. This is a huge issue in the US and one that is being brought to the forefront of the news. Multiple NFL players have been suspended or dropped from their teams due to domestic violence issues. But how are we progressing with this fight? Are we doing enough? Here are five ways that we have made significant progress when it comes to violence against women:

1. In countries located in Africa and Asia over 15 million young girls are married off at an extremely young age. UNICEF states that girls that are married this young, usually before their 18th birthday, are more likely to experience domestic violence in their marriages. The U.N. has tried to put a stop to this by passing a consensus on November 21st, 2014 that states that they are urging all countries to stop this practice.

2. One place that you may find it surprising to see s*xual assaults occur is our own military academies but it happens more often than you may think. The number has decreased slightly from 58 reported incidents to 53 since last year. The numbers may not seem big but the Pentagon said that it is a step in the right direction and that this kind of harassment has no place in the academies.

3. The Bureau of Justice Statistics shows a 63% drop in the amount of non-fatal domestic violence cases between 1994 and 2012. One of the biggest reasons that they feel that there has been such a large decline is due to the Violence Against Women Act that was passed by Joe Biden over 20 years ago

4. The World Health Organization has helped women in poorer countries to have access to private bathrooms. If they don’t have access to these kinds of bathrooms they are forced to go to the bathroom out in the open for others to see which leads to s*xual violence and assault.

5. The U.K. is funding a program that will look to put an end to female gen!tal mutilation. These mutilations often happen to young girls and are usually not done for medical purposes. The mutilations can cause serious infections and a host of health problems. The FGM Prevention program aims to make the parents of the children that are mutilated responsible for the trauma to their child.


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