The Hormones You Need To Control To Get Rid of That Belly Flab


By: Krystle Crossman

Our hormones are tricky. They can help us to lead a healthy life but when the hormone levels are messed up they can seriously mess with your health. There are a few hormones that control your weight and whether it goes up or down. The best part is that there are little ways that you can take control and make these hormones work in your favor.

First we will start with the hormone Leptin. Leptin is responsible for your appetite and whether you are hungry all the time or whether you have control over that appetite. The fat cells are where the leptin is produced and released. When you have too much fat in your body you can build a resistance to it and your brain will not respond to the hormone that is being released. When this happens your brain always thinks that you are hungry and you end up binging. You can help to combat this problem by eating right and exercising and also eating one cup of vegetables before 10am.The fiber will help you to stay satisfied longer.

Another hormone that is a part of weight control is insulin. This helps to keep your blood sugar in check. If you resist insulin your blood sugar will go through the roof. This can lead to diabetes. If you eat too many carbs or sweets the insulin will store the excess sugar as fat. You can control insulin and sugar spikes simply by limiting the amount of food that you eat during the day that will cause your blood sugar to soar. Try to eat whole grain breads and pastas instead of those made with white flour and cut back on sweets.

Finally you have serotonin and cortisol. Cortisol is released when you are stressed out. It causes you to crave food, and usually it is junk food. Serotonin helps to calm you down and suppress your appetite. Cortisol ends up being stored as fat which is why stress can lead to weight gain. You can control your cortisol levels by reducing stress. Take a yoga class. Eat more vitamin B to increase the amount of serotonin in your body.


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    Serotonin levels in the brain indicate one’s level of depression. If your serotonin level is high, one is likely not to be depressed. However if your serotonin levels are low, you may need to consider a reuptake inhibitor, {depression medication}, to avoid case’s of insomnia, lack of concentration, as well as lost of appetite, just to name a few.

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