The Kind of S*x That Most Women Prefer


lying in bedBy Staff Blogger

Many people in society, at large, have the opinion that women are ruining their lives because they are waiting longer to get married and are sleeping with more men than women decades before did. They think that women do not value themselves anymore because of this.

However, a new survey by Durex reports that women (men too) still value the emotional connection that they make during s*x.

Durex surveyed 2,000 men and women who were at least 25 years of age. The survey found that 87% of women stated that their “hottest s*x” was with a partner that they trusted and had a previous history with, not some random “hook up”. 95% of the men agreed that having an emotional connection made the s*x better.

Both genders said that they cared more about satisfying their partners and were less worried about themselves.

The survey suggests that men and women are not looking for random “hook ups” and one night stands as it may seem. They shouldn’t be worried about the romantic lives of those in their 20s and 30s as it seems from the study that people know what they are looking for and they value that connection with another person. The study did not say whether these hot encounters took place while in a serious relationship.

Hannah Rosin, a journalist, wrote a book called The End of Men. She argues that these early year jaunts with multiple partners do not define a person later in life. She says that if they want to find a meaningful relationship, they will. These random hookups will just end up as memories, whether they look back fondly or not, and it does not make them the person they end up as later on in life.


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