The Lies We Believe about $exual Health and Safe $ex


By: Krystle Crossman

There is a lot of great information out there about s*x and our health. There is also a lot of bad information and a lot of myths that we see as well. Here are 10 myths about s*x and our health that you may think are true:

1. You can’t get pregnant during your first s*xual experience: Why not? What is so different about the first time? Nothing. You can get pregnant just as easily the first time as you can the second, third or fourth.

2. You need to get a pap smear done as soon as you are 18 or begin having s*x: That used to be the recommendation. Now you do not have to get one until you have been s*xually active for at least three years or turn 21.

3. STDs can be caught from a toilet seat: Not likely. STDs cannot live on cold hard surfaces like toilet seats and the bacteria does not live for long outside of the body. It’s not found in urine either. Mouth to mouth or mouth to private part contact is what you need to be worried about.

4. You can’t get pregnant on your period: It is not likely but it is possible. Sp*rm lives up to 72 hours in the [email protected], so if you have it at the end of your cycle, you could get pregnant.

5. The Plan B pill causes you to have an abortion: This is a big NO. The Plan B pill is taken before you become pregnant. If you are pregnant when you take it, it won’t make any difference, you will still be pregnant which is why it is recommended that you take it within 72 hours of unprotected s*x.

6. Plan B is not sold to minors without a prescription: Anyone 17 and older can get Plan B without a prescription. Nine states will sell Plan B over the counter to women of any age as they are able to make their own rules about selling it.

7. IUDs aren’t safe for teens: It was thought that IUDs could cause pelvic inflammatory disease in women under 18 but studies have proven that this is not true and they are in fact one of the most effective forms of birth control.

8. Birth control pills make you gain weight: There have been many studies on this and none of them have proven that the pill is the cause of the weight gain that is seen in some women.

9. The HPV shot guarantees you won’t get cervical cancer: Actually, there are 30% of cervical cancers that cannot be avoided with the shots. They are made to protect against certain viruses that cause cervical cancer but not all.

10. D0uching is a good way to get clean down there: Actually, you could spread infections to the fallopian tubes and ovaries this way. You will also throw off the balance of the healthy bacteria in your body.


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