The Lies Women Believe About Bras and Back Pain


a0183-000060hBy: Krystle Crossman

Every woman knows that a bra can be helpful or it can be very painful. It is all about the fit. There are some benefits to having the right fitted bra such as comfort and great support. Then there are the ill-fitted bras that cut into your skin, offer no support at all or squeeze everything so that your chest looks unnatural. There are some myths however about bras and back pain that one doctor would like to debunk.

1. An improperly fitted bra will cause back pain: It is not actually the bra itself that is causing the pain, it is the size of the chest that the bra is holding up. Some women who have large chests find that they will have indentations where the bra straps dig into their shoulders from the weight. They also find that they have pain in their upper back, but again this is due to the weight of their [email protected], not how well the bra fits. Some women can undergo physical therapy and if that does not work there is always a [email protected] reduction which would be a last resort.

2. Your posture can be improved if you wear the right bra: Dr. Deborah Venesy, MD, says that this is one of the biggest myths about a bra. There is nothing that a bra can do for your posture or even to prevent back pain. They are purely a cosmetic addition to your wardrobe.

3. If you have large [email protected] even exercise won’t help your back pain: This is not true. You can strengthen the muscles in your back and the core muscles in your abdomen to help your body support the extra weight that you are carrying on your chest. Some ways to do this are through yoga, practicing good posture, getting enough calcium, and strength training focused on the muscles between your shoulder blades.


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